📅11 May 2018, 01:20

CANYON LAKE, TX – In about 3 more weeks we will be wishing for weather like we had last night with temps in the 80’s but still a little breezy. With these warmer temps, brings out more anglers as we had a record setting 68 teams (130 anglers) come out to fish for $2675 in cash. Taking first with 11.19 pounds was Ross Wright and Chuck Ware. It was the teams first win together and their 4th top 3 finish in the last 2 seasons. We caught up with the team for a report and all they could say was that it was an awesome night of fishing from start to finish. They were throwing swimbaits and soft plastics on a ledge and caught fish all night and culled 7 or 8 times. They fished 3 area most of the night but their last move late in the evening sent them over the top. Chuck explained that he fired his jig out as soon as they pulled up to the spot and caught a keeper. While Ross had them on the culling beam, Chuck caught another much larger keeper which sealed the deal. The team won $1050 plus another $1500 for fishing out of Ross’s 2017 Skeeter.

2nd place went to Justin Hummel and Leonard DeBraska but it was close. They were edged out by less than 2 ounces. This was Justin and Leonards second time to cash a check in 2018 and third time in a row to bring in a limit. Leonard said the team focused on the edge of the brush line were it dropped from 6’ to 14’ to catch all their fish including the big bass of the tournament that went 4.29 pounds. Justin said they were able to cull a few times and caught fish before and after the sun went down. They threw tx-rigged craw baits the entire time to catch their fish. The team won $605 for their 2nd place finish, plus $340 for Big Bass and also a custom TFO SKeeter rod valued at $220 for having a Boerne Marine receipt. All together the team took home over $1150 in cash and prizes.

3rd place went to last weeks winners of Charles Whited and Trey Groce. The team started off by running to a back of a few creeks and threw frogs and actually caught their first keeper of the evening doing it. They then moved to some of the corp brush piles to catch a few more fish before finding their best fish on some deep points. They too were able to cull a few times and make things interesting by weighing in 10.85 pounds and just missing out on first by a few ounces. The team took home $300 for their 3rd place finish.

Not a whole lot of small mouth weighed in this week as the smallies have appeared to have moved to deep water. Many teams are catching fish shallow in less than 3’ and the mayfly hatch may have a lot to do with that. One team reported to have caught their entire limit in less than 2’ of water flipping bushes and trees. Topwater bite was non-existent according to the anglers we talked to, with the exception of the 1 weirdo fish that hit Charles and Trey’s frog, we didn’t hear of any other topwater fish. Soft plastics worked slow seemed to be the key for most anglers this week.


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