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CANYON LAKE, TX – When it comes to fishing on Thursday nights, you might want learn how to fish in the wind, learn to like it, or at least accept it.  Wind was blowing a sustained 20 to 25mph to start the night and gradually built up as the evening progressed with reported gusts of 35mph by 10pm.  The Thursday Nighters either need to be moved to Tuesday nights or the wind needs to start cooperating and start laying down…at least a little.   With that said, all the winners from last night would beg to differ as the wind was the key contributer to each of their success…more to come on that.

As it has been all season long, it was another close one with just ounces separating 1st and 2nd , and just a couple of pounds from the first place team to the ninth place team.  Coming in on top however, was Malcolm Kitchen and Jonathan Haag with 10.68 pounds.  Even though they drew boat 52 and had a 10:20 weigh in time, Malcolm and Jonathan got their fish weighed quickly and had to endure watching team after team with very similar sized bags weighin and try to knock them out of the top spot and $845 pay day.   Once the scales closed and the team let out that big sigh of relief, we got the low down from the winners on what the key was to their success.  What we heard was one word, “wind”.  Yep, the team stayed on windy banks and points throwing moving baits shallow and said they had fun all night long catching fish after fish from start to finish.  Bobbing in the waves with water sometimes crashing over the bow, Malcolm said he was sometimes more focused on staying in the boat than anything else. The team said despite the windy conditions they fished kinda clean for not being on the water much but did mention hooking into a couple of big big fish and losing them.  One could have been a feisty stick, or a striper, or a big bass but the zebra muscles didn’t want them to find out and cut their line.   The other just came off.  Malcolm mentioned they were fishing a small mouth spot which proved true as they caught one on the next cast, but can also sometimes be a striper spot and a sometimes big bass spot.  No matter, those fish didn’t hurt them and they were able to walk away with their first Thursday Nighter win of 2018 and fourth in their career.

Coming in 2nd by just a couple of ounces was Phillip Thompson and Thomas Howe with 10.20 pounds.  It was their third week in a row to take home a check.  The team has now brought in a limit 4 out of the 5 tournaments of 2018.  Phillip said that wind, yes wind was the biggest key to their night.  They stayed on windy points all night dragging c-rigs and caught fish all night long doing it.

3rd place went to Larry Martin and Scott Thompson with 10.05 pounds.  It’s going to sound like a broken record here but they caught their fish on windy points with Carolina rigs just like the rest of the teams in the money.  They too said they caught numerous fish all night long and culled all night long all the way to their last cast.  It was the teams fourth time to bring a limit to the scales this year but it was their first pay day of 2018.

The wind definitely improved the bite last night.  Average sized fish weighed in was a little heavier than last week and we saw just 2 less fish weighed in despite having 22 less anglers.  Crankbaits and c-rigs on main lake windy points was the deal.  Several teams caught fish in the flooded brush that had a little wind blowing on them, but the bigger fish have moved back out to the main lake.  The big fish tonight of 4.61 pounds caught by Ted Jackson and David Skelton was caught in 22’ of water on a tx-rig right at 10:00pm.  Brushpiles are starting to hold fish but the zebra muscles are making an impact and cutting anglers lines.

There has been a new winner every week and a lot of new faces in the money so far in 2018 and it is truly anyone’s game on Canyon right now.  With the weights from 1st place all the way down to 10th place fairly tight, and the drop off in weights extremely gradual, it is taking one good fish or a couple of solid fish to get you paid.  Anglers that are able to catch five keeper fish of any size, will have a shot at a check every week.


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